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Integrity Pay provides merchant account services that match your adult entertainment needs, from dating, adult toys, modeling, any legal adult related website or retail store.


Blockchain Adult Merchant Accounts

Imagine a world where every hard-earned dollar you made, only half of it made it into your bank account. Whereat any moment your business bank account could be frozen or shut down. A world where a customer's payments could be reversed because they got caught buying something they didn't want to explain to someone else.

For customers, adult entertainment is fantasy and for you, the adult business owner, taking payments is a problem that traditionally gets worst.

Companies who focus on adult entertainment will systematically increase your rates, tack on additional hidden fees for fraud and chargeback monitoring, gateway fees, open-source shopping cart integration, subscription management, membership management, offers and upsells, and the list goes on. Leaving you with very high processing rates, large setup fees and possibly face account cancellation.

But that all changes with our Adult Entertainment Blockchain Solution.

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Why Choose Blockchain for Adult Merchant Accounts?

Blockchain leverages cutting edge technology to track and illustrate transparency on payment transactions processed for all merchants globally.

Encryption Standards
Blockchain technology goes beyond typical encryption standards of payment gateways to handle customers' most sensitive data while permitting seamless integrations for shopping carts and accounting needs.
Blockchain can complete transaction payouts in a matter of seconds allowing your adult entertainment business to secure payments faster.
Analytics, Auditing & Reporting
Blockchain allows detailed analysis through in-depth reporting features to review all transactions instantly.
Cyber Attack Deterrence
Customer data is stored in a decentralized manner eliminating data breaches of sensitive data.
Fraud Detection
Blockchain provides the facilitation of proactive fraud detection with the use of Artificial Intelligence to help identify threats before they happen.
Retail Product Tracking
Transparency and validity are provided through the blockchain solution providing merchants and customers with peace of mind.

What would you do with an additional $675,000 a year?

We've spoken to a lot of adult entertainment merchants and the average rate when you bundle everything that you need to protect your sales... interchange, processor, gateway, fraud protection, chargebacks, and the ridiculous amounts of fees is between:

13% to 30%

And, most have an ongoing rolling reserve of

5% for 3 to 6 months

Whereas, our blockchain solution on average saves businesses 2-7%.

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All-Inclusive Adult Merchant Account Pricing

Integrity Pay is a global provider of online and retail merchant services. Through our blockchain solution, we provide you with all the tools and services you need in one place, and for one price, so that you can focus on promoting and scaling your business.



Based on Survey of 300 Adult Accounts



Our rates are determined by monthly volume and your specific adult vertical. In most cases, our rates are 2-7% lower than EPOCH and CCBILL.




Based on Survey of 300 Adult Accounts

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Be Your Own Processor

Process over $3 million annually? Apply for our "Be Your Own Processor" (BYOP) program designed specifically for the high-risk industry. Accept all credit card types, get a personal identification on billing, subscription capabilities, low rates, instant settlement of funds, and ability to payout your merchants.


Payout merchants on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis after the payment has settled. Avoid multiple processing fees


Accept credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or over 130 Cryptocurrencies

Processor Portal

Easily see every merchant account, see processing history, and send money to any ACH or other accounts

Merchant Dashboard

Easily see every purchase, request funds with a click of a button, and send money to any ACH or other accounts

Frequently Asked Questions About Integrity Pay's Adult Merchant Accounts

My customers are worldwide, can blockchain process their payments?

Yes, we offer the MOST payment types worldwide, more than any other processor in our industry (which makes accepting worldwide payment even easier)

What are the costs of setting up an account?

We do not charge a fee to set up an account and we do not require you to pay VISA and MasterCard registration fees. 

What are the fees for credits and chargebacks?

The fee for processing a credit card on your behalf is $0.00. The fee for processing a chargeback on your behalf is $0.00

Do you have an ATM and/or ATM Deposit Solution?

We provide two Crypto ATM solutions. One is an ATM deposit only solution where the ATM would be positioned in the back of the house of the business to convert USD into our blockchain currency. The other is a traditional Cryptocurrency ATM machine where customers can deposit cash or use Credit and Debit cards to convert into our blockchain currency or 129 different cryptocurrencies.

Does the gateway support recurring billing?

Our gateway does not stop you from providing recurring billing to your customers. In Q1 of 2020, our gateway will also provide a built-in recurring billing solution that can be used as a stand-alone option.

Do you offer application programming interfaces (API)?

Sure do. In order for us to send you the APIs, you need to start the signup process. 

What are the transaction fees?

We do not charge a transaction fee, nor a decline fee, or maintenance fee. Our full suite of services, features technical support, retail merchant services, and international billing are included in a flat fee which is a percentage of your sales. New accounts without an established volume of sales start at 14%. Your rate is periodically adjusted based on sales figures. If you have an established business and are looking to move your processing to Integrity Pay, please contact us to find out what rate you qualify for.

Is there a security deposit or reserve withholding?

We do not require a security deposit and we do not withhold a reserve. Most, if not all banks and/or processors require either a rolling reserve (up to 6 months) or a security deposit based on a percentage (5-10%) of your gross sales. We do not require either. This means you receive more of your money faster than you would with other solutions.

Can we use local currency options?

We can accept payments globally and our blockchain currency is based on the value of the USD. $1 USD = $1 Blockchain Currency. 

We have an adult brick and mortar store and online e-commerce, do you have a solution?

We certainly do. Get in touch with a representative to discuss our POS, ATM and online eCommerce solutions.

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