CBD Merchant Application

Cannabis Merchant Application


How to Get a CBD Merchant Account?

Getting a CBD merchant account for your CBD business is not like getting one for less risky businesses. CBD businesses are not just high-risk because of the industry but because of the potential for excessive chargebacks. And because of the controversy and legal unknowns surrounding this industry, many of the world's largest and well know banks will not allow processors to underwrite CBD merchant accounts.

That is why you need a high-risk CBD merchant account provider, like Integrity Pay. When you move forward with Integrity Pay, forget about the frustration that many others experience when they search for a payment processor. Take your business to the next level by giving your customers options to pay with credit and debit cards.

You can apply online today and a member of Integrity Pay's underwriting team will review the pre-application, which can be completed within minutes online. When you meet the requirements a member of our team will call to schedule a call to understand your business goals and start to assemble your merchant application.

What's required to Get a CBD Merchant Account

Getting approval to take credit and debit cards for CBD and Cannabis products today is easy, start by filling out Integrity Pay's simple online application. To move the process along, businesses need to make the following documents available and make sure their website is in compliance with FDA, USDA, and other known government regulations:

Required Documents

‚Ć™Articles of Incorporation
‚Ć™3 Months Recent Processing Statements
‚Ć™3 Months Recent Business Bank Statements.
‚Ć™Business Selling License/Permit (If required by state)
‚Ć™A valid, government-issued ID, such as a Drivers's License. For all owners over 25% ownership.
‚Ć™Voided Check or Bank Letter
‚Ć™Domain Verification and Hosting Plan
‚Ć™Proof of Residency. For all owners over 25% ownership.
‚Ć™Supply Chain Documentation
‚Ć™Fulfillment Contracts
‚Ć™Product and Inventory List
‚Ć™Brick and Mortar Businesses Include Storefront Photos

Website Compliance Requirements

‚Ć™Contact page includes Phone Number, Email Address, and Physical Address
‚Ć™Age Verification (Dependent on your Attorney General)
‚Ć™No Medical or Therapeutical Claims on Website
‚Ć™All four cards listed in the footer of the website
‚Ć™Privacy Policy that outlines your data collection practices
‚Ć™Terms and Conditions that establishes user guidelines and safeguards your business
‚Ć™Returns and Shipping Policy that appeases your customers and protects your business.
‚Ć™Disclaimer Policy to avoid copyright infringement and intellectual property disputes. Includes a long-form FDA disclaimer.
‚Ć™FDA Short Disclaimer found in the footer of all pages.
‚Ć™COA Batch Database Page that outlines all third-party COA's.
‚Ć™COA Product Lab Result List that lists all third-party COA's per product