High-Risk Merchant Account Services to Empower You

– Whether you operate a business in an emerging industry like CBD and Cannabis, a gambling/gaming startup, or an established high-risk business–how you decide to leverage our services is entirely up to you. Just the kind of flexibility we hope you will love.


High-Risk Merchant Processing Solutions for Every Industry

Acquiring banks, low-risk providers and aggregators deny merchant processing for many reasons. Regardless of your business, providers identify companies as high-risk merchants in industries with a history of high fraud and chargebacks, irregular high ticket sales, or that are highly regulated.

Your business model works for you, and we understand that. We believe in your vision and were dedicated to providing top-rated services. We help you when others won't, believing that every business deserves a chance to grow, including:

Adult Entertainment
Auto Dealers & Auto Warranties
Airlines & Booking
Background Checks
Bad Credit
Beer, Wine & Liquor Sales
Business Consulting & Opportunities
Business Owners with Bad Credit
CBD & Marijuana
Coins & Collectables
Computer Repair
Community Billing
Credit Monitoring & Repair
Debt Collection
Discount Buying Service

Document Preparation
Downloadable Software
Fantasy Sports
Firearms & Ranges
Gentleman's Clubs
Health & Beauty
High-Ticket Coaching
Legal/Personal Injury
Male Enhancement
Marketing Agency
Marriage Services
Moving Company

Multi-Level marketing
Nutraceuticals/Herbal Supplements
Online Retail
Pay Day Lenders/Pay Day Loans
Pet Shops & Supply Stores
Skin & Healthcare
Software/Mobile Applications
Storage Facility
Subscription/Recurring Payments
Tech Support
Web Design / SEO
Other High-Risk Businesses



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Minimize Chargebacks

Every financial institution or merchant processor calculates risk differently, and it usually comes back to the number of chargebacks–those fees credit card providers require businesses to pay to cover losses from disputes or fraudulent transactions. The larger the volume of chargebacks and high-ticket cost, the greater the risk.

Integrity Pay specializes in high-risk credit card processing for high-risk merchant accounts.

Protecting Against Chargeback Fraud

Chargebacks occur when one of four reason codes are initiated with the acquiring bank: fraud, technical, clerical, and quality. Fraud being the most common (such as identity theft) or when customers claim items were not received or damaged and they just want to get away without paying. And when chargeback fraud does happen, most companies will side with the customer–leaving you with chargeback fees and increased risk of loosing your merchant accounts.

Our high-risk accounts come with built-in chargeback mitigation tools and fraud protection, making even high-risk processing simple. With our partnership, you can keep the money you earned, and not let chargebacks eat into your profits.